The Mandolin & Cittern Source

The Mandolin & Cittern Source

The Neapolitan Mandolin

Surviving instrument by Antonio Vinaccia, Italy, 1781.
From the late 18th century, the Neapolitan mandolin was developed. It has 4 doubled courses of steel strings. At first, the top course was still gut and it used wooden pegs, but eventually these were replaced with all steel strings and machine heads. It always has a bent soundboard and floating bridge to resist the high-tension steel strings.

Details: 4 course Neapolitan mandolin.
Made by: Tom Johnson, Britain.

Details: 4 course Neapolitan mandolin with wooden pegs.
Made by: Federico Gabrielli, Italy.

Details: 4 course, 12 string Neapolitan mandolin, also known as a mandriola.
Made by: Mario Cassella, Italy.